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Buy Local, Give Local, Live Local

The Arts Council salutes its affiliates for producing high quality entertainment and events for our wonderful community. To showcase a few scroll down to see some upcoming performances and events for the ENTIRE FAMILY:

Main Street Gainesville presents The Spring Chicken Festival & Parade

 April 28 9am-4pm in Downtown Gainesville



Gainesville Ballet Company 

Dancing at Dusk

One of our newest affiliates:  Fifth Row Center


Memorial Day Concert, May 28, 2012 at 7:30pm at First Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA


Come celebrate our great nation and its heroes!


The Arts Council presents Northeast Georgia resident The Larry Barker in a quartet as the last performance in the Evenings of Intimate Jazz Series 2012!


The Larry Barker Quartet will perform at The Arts Council Smithgall Arts Center

Saturday May 19, 2012 at 8pm

Go to our website to purchase tickets or call The Arts Council (770) 534-2787



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Wycliffe Gordon

The Arts Council is proud to present the third performance in the Evenings of Intimate Jazz Series: Wycliffe Gordon

 Musical ambassador and interpreter of America’s music, Wycliffe Gordon experiences an extraordinary career touring the world performing hard-swinging, straight-ahead jazz receiving great acclaim from audiences and critics alike. His unmatched modern mastery of the plunger mute and his prodigious technique and signature sound have solidified him a place in musical history known as one of the top trombonist to have lived. In addition to a successful solo career, he  tours regularly leading the Wycliffe Gordon Quartet, headlining at legendary jazz venues and performing arts centers throughout the world. Wycliffe Gordon is well known for his work with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of jazz maestro, Wynton Marsalis. The versatile trombonist can multi-note, slide, scat, and plunge, just like he stepped out of the 1930s. He has played with many jazz luminaries, including Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Henderson, Branson Marsalis, Lionel Hampton, Tommy Flanagan, and Shirley Horn. His musical colleagues call him “Pine Cone,” since he grew up in the piney woods of Georgia. It must have been this Ellington era quality that caught the ears of jazz educator Wynton Marsalis, who heard him play while the trumpeter was giving a workshop at his alma mater, Florida A&M University. Their fortuitous meeting resulted in Gordon joining the Wynton Marsalis Septet, as well as the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, in 1989. As a member of the illustrious band, he contributed as both musician and composer. Gordon, who like Charles Mingus says he hears music in his head all the time, has managed to write some of it down, and then hears it performed all over the world by the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Whether they know it or not, National Public Radio fans are familiar with the musician’s work: In 1993, Gordon composed the NPR theme song. He is an admirer of Louis Armstrong, J.J. Johnson, and Jack Teagarden, prefers the melodic approach to playing and composition.

His recordings are a model of consistency and inspiration, and his musical prowess has been captured on numerous recordings, including thirteen solo CDs and seven co-leader CDs. His latest effort “Cone and T-Staff,” released in February 2010, is a quintet recording featuring trumpeter Terell Stafford. He  is featured on numerous recordings with the Wynton Marsalis Septet, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and many others as evidenced in his extensive discography.

Wycliffe Gordon is also a gifted composer and arranger. He is commissioned frequently by renowned jazz groups and organizations and has an extensive songbook of original compositions that span the various timbres of jazz music. His commissioned works include a vibrant new score for the 1925 classic silent film “Body and Soul” which was premiered at the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra’s 2000-01 season opening night performance at Avery Fisher Hall, and was released on DVD in 2008. Gordon’s “I Saw the Light,” a musical tribute to Muhammad Ali, was commissioned and premiered by the Brass Band of Battle Creek in March 2004, and is scheduled for release on DVD in 2012. He is currently working on an extensive commission for the Jazz Arts Group Columbus, Beyond the Blackberry Patch that will premiere during the Columbus bicentennial celebration 2012. This 90-minute piece of music for ten musicians will tell the story of the King-Lincoln District and incorporates the Eight Columbus City Schools in the district and their study of their own neighborhood, its past, present, and future. In May 2011, the Apollo Theater will premiere a commissioned work by Wycliffe that will celebrate 75 years of great music. Other noted commissions include “Welcome to Georgia Town,” an auto-biography of sorts commissioned by the Savannah Music Festival, and “Cyberswing – Jazz in the Digital Age” that was premiered at Flushing Town Hall in 2009.

He has begun to evidence an interest in vocalizing, something which he says he plans to do increasingly. The results are sure to be top drawer, as the exuberant Wycliffe Gordon throws himself into things, body and soul. 

Watch more of his videos on our website!


            Wycliffe Gordon will be performing at The Arts Council THIS Saturday, March 24 at 8pm

For tickets go online or call The Arts Council (770) 534-2787

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Arts in Schools

We at The Arts Council believe in the importance of art in education and want to introduce and expend local students interest and benefits of art in academia. Recently, we have had the opportunity to present two very well known artists, Lynne Arriale and Evan Christopher into local schools. Lynne and Evan performed at The Arts Council’s Evenings of Intimate Jazz to standing ovations. The Arts Council sponsored two clinics at North Hall High School and Chestatee Academy of Inquiry and Talent Development respectively. We were all thrilled to find young, talented students eager to learn from the best in their art.

Both artists were so complimentary of the jazz programs in both schools and look forward to more clinics of this nature in our area.

Lynne Arriale instructing the musicians in the North Hall High School Jazz Band.

The very enthusiastic, attentive, and talented musicians in the North Hall High School Jazz Band.

Lynne teaching them the importance of the rhythm section in a jazz band.

Lynne was very impressed by the students talent and eagerness to learn.

The North Hall High School Jazz Band with their talented teacher Kevin Carwile, Lynne Arriale, Principal Joe Gheesling, and  Chair of the Arts in Schools Committee for the Arts Council,Vicki Hough.

Evan Christopher presenting valuable instruction to the musicians of Chestatee Academy of Inquiry and Talent Development.

An attentive group of Chestatee musicians!

Evan’s jazz style pays homage to the earliest creators of jazz. Armstrong and Bichet used to listen to opera for inspiration. They saw their instruments as the voice in opera. Here Evan demonstrates the clarinet singing an aria from La Traviata. The children were mesmerized!

 The jazz musicians of Chestatee Academy of Inquiry and Talent Development.

Evan Christopher performing for Chestatee jazz musicians! We thank Terry Sleister, band director for Chestatee, for being such a wonderful leader to these future stars!

Thank you to both Lynne and Evan for giving such wonderful clinics! And thank you to the teachers, band directors, and students at both schools for allowing The Arts Council and these awesome musicians time in your classrooms! As always we strive to keep the arts vibrantly alive in Northeast Georgia.

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Did You Know… Liv a Little…

Did you know…

Livingston Taylor, James Taylors brother, is coming HERE March 15!

Some little known facts about the artist:

Livingston is the fourth child born into the very musical Taylor family, including; Alex, James, Kate, and Hugh.

He has had top 40 hits recorded by his brother James like “Going Round One More Time”.

Livingston has toured with major artists such as, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffett, and Jethro Tull.

He hosted a nationally syndicated television show called This Week’s Music.

His single, “I Will be in Love With You”, reached #30 on the Billboard Charts.

He recorded a duet with his brother James, called “City Lights” in the late 80’s.


“I got the early attention,” James Taylor said, “but there is no real reason that it couldn’t have been Liv. We could easily have swapped. Our sense of the world is informed by each other.” 

He has been a full professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston since 1989 where he teaches Stage Performance to aspiring artists.

We are beside ourselves with excitement as we anticipate the arrival of Livingston Taylor!

Purchase tickets today for his show March 15, 2012, 8pm at Pearce Auditorium by calling The Arts Council, (770) 534-2787, or go online!

PS-We heard he is bringing a special guest with him!! 

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Cajun Clarinetist is Jazzed to Perform for Gainesville!

The Arts Council is proud to present the second performer in our Evenings of Intimate Jazz Series: Evan Christopher!

Evan Christopher is a refreshingly bright light on the national and international jazz scene. He combines virtuosity, immaculate taste and the youthful resources of energy and enthusiasm with a deep commitment to capturing the full range of musical possibilities that come from having strong roots in the idioms of early Jazz and the Creole clarinet style. Christopher was born in Long Beach, California and began his musical training on clarinet at the age of 11. In high school, he was a recipient of the Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award and was one of the first graduates of the prestigious Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. He continued his studies at the University of Southern California on music scholarships and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in music from California State University, Long Beach.

After working, touring and recording with various bands and artists in California, Christopher moved to New Orleans where he rapidly made a name for himself. He became in great demand, appearing with top musicians as stylistically varied as veterans of Preservation Hall and Al Hirt to funk and brass bands like the Nightcrawlers and Galactic, but, in 1996, he accepted an offer to join the renowned Jim Cullum Jazz Band in San Antonio, Texas. During his three year stint with this band, he made regular national radio broadcasts as their featured clarinetist on their National Public Radio show: Riverwalk: Live from the Landing and accompanied artists such as Dick Hyman, William Warfield, and Topsy Chapman. This Side of Evan (1998) is among the many CD’s he has recorded under his own name and also as a guest artist for bands in New Orleans, Texas and California.

Having returned to New Orleans in 2001, Christopher has established himself as an important part of the Crescent City music scene. He has had research on the New Orleans clarinet style published and appears frequently with New Orleans musicians in the U.S. and Europe. In 2002, New Orleans Magazine included him among their annual “Jazz All-Stars” as an artist to watch.

As an improviser, Christopher has lots of tools — equal facility in the full range of his instrument, switching in and out of triplet phrasing, storytelling and theme building. But what impresses you most about his solos is their immediacy. He has a thick tone with a hoarse edge, and he’ll often play a simple phrase with complicated emotion rather than vice versa; he’s not glib or lighthearted. It’s strong stuff.  When asked why he chose the clarinet, Christopher says, “I blame Artie Shaw. I read his autobiography, and I knew I wanted to grow up to be a grumpy old man.”

Christopher’s approach builds on these antecedents by adding an even stronger Creole flavor to the mix, redolent of Jelly Roll Morton’s “Spanish tinge” and making use of the “Habanera” rhythm. His group also adds rhythmic elements from Cuba, the Caribbean and even Brazil. The result is a vibrant music that appeals to contemporary audiences. Christopher’s sound is thoroughly organic, unforced and natural.

The Evan Christopher Trio will perform SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $30.00 each. For tickets call  770-534-2787 or visit www.theartscouncil.net

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An Inside Look

Have you ever wondered what The Arts Council thinks about its upcoming performers? Or why they choose to bring certain acts to Gainesville? Gain some insight from two Arts Council insiders!


1. What’s all the buzz about Stringfever? 

What started out as 4 young men with a passion for music is today becoming an international sensation! These men are talented, innovative, humorous… AND have British accents! Could we really ask for more??? They have proven themselves on the European continent and are now crossing the pond to showcase their brilliantly honed classical skills with twists that make them whacky, whimsical and completely watchable!! A guaranteed visual and aural treat!

2. Who, according to you, will most appreciate Stringfever? 

I ask, who will NOT appreciate Stringfever? This group plays everything from Bach to Beyonce; boisterous and sensual;  emotional and serene; impulsive and choreographed; tender and aggressive…

3. What do you think/hope you’re going to hear? 

I cannot wait to hear and see the history of music in FIVE minutes. Does anyone see a link between Beethoven’s 5th and Stayin’ Alive??? They do and I want to hear it!

4. What do you find most unique about Stringfever? 

At the outset, it’s a band of 3 brothers and a cousin, remarkably talented and funny.  When many generation X-ers lamented the possible demise of classical music fans, Stringfever has reinvented the wheel. They have turned Lady Gaga fans into their own; they have made 20 year olds tap to their tunes; and they consistently leave their audiences begging for more!

5. What brings them to Gainesville? 

The Arts Council brings to Northeast Georgia a variety of artistic entertainment for all ages. Gladys (Artistic Director) saw this group perform in the Baltics and knew immediately she had to bring them to Gainesville. Our audiences are savvy, appreciative and enthusiastic. Like Stringfever, what’s not to love about Northeast Georgia?(!) We want to give these British boys a warm Southern welcome with a SOLD OUT SHOW!!!


1. What’s all the buzz about Stringfever?

Stringfever is all the rage in London, and as we all know once you’ve made it big there, it’s time for a move across the pond! They aren’t a boring quartet that solely plays classical music, they play anything from Bach to Beyonce-and everything in between. They are the WORLDS FIRST genetically modified string quartet and even have a beat-boxer! If I could sum Stringfever up with one word it would be ENERGY.

2. Who, according to you, will most appreciate Stringfever?

EVERYONE! From our most educated, cultured patrons to the youngest of ears! If you love music, concerts, excitement, and having a great time then this show is for you!

3. What do you think/hope you’re going to hear?

I hope to hear their rendition of Bolero-I’ve seen it on Youtube and am really hoping that it is a regular piece they perform. I would also love to hear some modern pieces by Lady Gaga or Madonna.

4. What do you find most unique about Stringfever?

Besides obviously being the one and only group  of their kind, their uniqueness comes from more than just their electronic instruments. The group is made up of 3 brothers and a cousin that couldn’t be more original spunky, or fun if they tried! Each member of the group brings a certain something to the performance to elevate a song you may have heard a thousand times, to an entirely new level.

5. What brings them to Gainesville?

Gainesville is fortunate enough to be Stringfever’s 2nd stop in their 2012 US Tour! Gainesville is growing demographically, geographically, and culturally everyday-why not have an up and coming British sensation knock our socks off on an otherwise stagnant Friday night?

The show is this friday night, Feb. 10, at 8pm at Pearce Auditorium

Call (770) 534-2787 or go online today to get tickets!

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The British are Coming!

StringFEVER guarantees to elevate your temperature beyond the normal range!

They’re a little bit classical… they’re a little bit rock n’ roll… they’re also humorous… a little bit manic and a whole lot entertaining! STRINGFEVER simply dazzles!!! The Broadbent family quartet, which consists of Giles, Ralph and Neal, plus Cousin Graham, plays five and six stringed violins, a viola and cello, all of which are electric – as is their performance.

Giles Broadbent, the oldest brother and dubbed “Leader of the Pack”, is a gypsy violin demon. You name the song and he’ll play it-the faster the better!

Ralph Broadbent, the middle brother, is the MC and chief arranger for the group. Ralph plays the 6 string Violectra.

Neal Broadbent, the youngest brother, provides bass and live beatbox-making him Stringfever’s one man rhythm section.

Graham Broadbent, the cousin, is described as a gentle, jolly giant, and the “heavyweight viola champion of the world”.

Classically trained musicians, this British group will show its roots with haunting performances of classical pieces. The quartet then quickly sheds its slightly menacing “Ladykillers” film aura and leaps aboard a heady switchback of musical experiences. Even with the classics Stringfever has fun. Not too often is Ravel’s Bolero played by four impeccable pairs of hands on ONE (remarkably stoic) instrument, nor is the horizontal the customary angle for performing Hungarian dances, but such is the norm in this parallel universe. Dozens of TV signature tunes and movie themes will speed past, unannounced, like minor stations on a high-speed rail track and perhaps a famous movie line will help reduce your tease fatigue. Somewhere during the performance will come a compilation of James Bond themes that would undoubtedly make 007 proud and will leave you shaken and stirred.

The group’s standard finale, a compilation piece called The History of Music…in 5 Minutes, takes the audience on a frantic musical tour that goes from classical to rock. The entire history of sound is turned into an appreciation for every hour spent behind every created note. The conclusion is guaranteed to be thunderous applause and calls for encores. No mainstream event audiences will be having more fun or better served by performers, promises The Arts Council. This is brilliant, breathless stuff, spot on classically honed musicianship wrapped in style and humor, making this performance one of reverence for the classic, wild, wacky and wholly entertaining!


Stringfever Friday, February 10, 8pm at  Brenau University’s Pearce Auditorium

Go the The Arts Council’s website to see more Stringfever videos and buy your tickets today!

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